An example of a Family Portrait Shoot with The Haydocks

An example of what happens at a Family Portrait Shoot Stirling – The Haydock Family

The Haydock Family came into our Stirling Portrait Studio just before Christmas to get some nice family portraits done for their walls.

Bryan and Jane are old friends of ours but had been living abroad for a number of years so it was great to catch up with them.

For part of their family portrait shoot we decided to do an EBONY+IVORY shoot – this is a family portrait product we released back in November and is based on Classical Portraiture. It’s a styling/product concept developed by my good mate and photography legend (and part-time busker, but don’t tell him I said that ;-) ) Kenny Martin and I tip my hat to him for inspiring me to start shooting portraiture in this way as it is so striking.

The EBONY part of the family portrait shoot involves shooting Black and White wearing primarily black clothing against a black background. Now – the key point here is to ensure that we properly light the subject to ensure that they are not lost against the black background.

For the IVORY part of the family portrait shoot, we photograph in Colour and ask our subjects to wear primarily white clothing, and we shoot against a white background – again we have to properly light the studio to ensure we do have a pure white background (trying shooting a white wall with your camera and tell me what colour you get) and also again to ensure they are not lost against the white background.

Ideally for the IVORY shoot you need to wear all white clothing, but poor Bryan forgot his white shirt, so we improvised.

The results are quite stunning and everyone who has came into the studio for an EBONY+IVORY shoot has been amazed by the quality of the results.

Of course when you’re dealing with Kids, you have to sprinkle a bit of fun in as well and we had a blast in the studio. We used our famous graffiti background to create some grungy, street style art and the kids of course couldn’t resist the many props in the studio.

When Bryan and Jane came back into the studio to see the final images, Jane couldn’t keep the tears at bay and I’m sure Bryan was struggling as well, or he had an itchy eye or something.  They do have the cutest most adorable children, so you can understand why.

Here are our favourite images from the family portrait shoot:-

Stirling Family Portrait Studio - Alan Hutchison PhotographyStirling Family Portrait Studio - Alan Hutchison PhotographyStirling Family Portrait Studio - Alan Hutchison PhotographyStirling Family Portrait Studio - Alan Hutchison PhotographyStirling Family Portrait Studio - Alan Hutchison Photography

And here is the slideshow we presented them with when they came in to see us (Please note that the slideshow has music!).

We run our EBONY+IVORY sessions at key points during the year and we’ll be running sessions again very soon – so keep watching this website and our Facebook page for details.

People who “like” our Facebook page get news of our special offers, and we even gave away some FREE EBONY+IVORY Sessions last year when we were setting up the gallery images for the product – so nip over to Facebook and “Like” our page – you’ll then be kept informed of any special offers or promotions that come up from time to time.

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