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When we launched the portraiture side of our business in 2011, I didn’t want to be yet another family portrait photographer that churned out the typical family group images on a white background that is very common these days. Just like our wedding photography, we wanted to be different. Very different. With a focus on quality to provide images that stand out from the crowd.

On a location portrait shoot I typically bring lighting equipment with me, and this often surprises our clients – particularly on a sunny day, as they can’t quite understand why I would use flash lighting when there is already plenty of light. I then explain how using additional lighting allows me to control and shape the light and add drama to a scene – something that would be impossible using just the available light. It makes our images different, and best of all, the clients love them when they see the final results.

With this in mind, I’m always experimenting and playing with light. On our last Florida trip I invested in some new lighting equipment to help enhance our images even further. Normal portable flash units (or “strobes” as we professional photographers like to call them), have a limited amount of power and on a sunny day, they simply don’t have enough power to provide enough light to counteract a bright sun. The answer then is to use full blown studio lights which are far more powerful – but then you have to lug around very heavy battery units and there are trailing cables etc etc – not ideal.

This is where my latest purchase comes in as it sits in the middle of the power range, right between a portable flash unit and a studio unit – it is however just as portable, and only slightly larger. Much easier to control the sun and put light where I want it. For the photographers reading this the light is a Quantum QFlash T5DR Unit and it integrates well with my existing Nikon SB900 strobe units.

So here are some images from my first shoot with the new light. These were all shot in Florida, but they could just as easily have been shot in Stirling (okay – use your imagination a little LOL). Morag and I own a Vacation Villa out there and try to get out to Florida as often as we can. Our model is Kathryn Miller who we have photographed many times before. The shots were taken over two sessions – one close to our home in Florida which is about 5 miles from Disney. Even though it is close to the tourist attractions, we are surrounded by a fabulous forest and lots of small lakes. The lake you see in the image below is right behind our house, looking out from the pool deck.

The second shoot was at Old Town in Kissimmee which will be familiar to most of you if you’ve ever been to the Disney area. That second shoot was a bit of a washout sadly as within minutes of starting we got hit by a major Lightning storm – however we still managed to get some great images.

So here are my favourite images from the two shoots. If you are looking for a portrait photographer with a difference, get in touch. A one hour session is only £95.

Give us a call on 01786 625645 to book a session, or click here to order a session gift certificate online.

Portrait Photographer Stirling - Alan Hutchison PhotographyPortrait Photographer Stirling - Alan Hutchison PhotographyPortrait Photographer Stirling - Alan Hutchison PhotographyPortrait Photographer Stirling - Alan Hutchison PhotographyPortrait Photographer Stirling - Alan Hutchison PhotographyPortrait Photographer Stirling - Alan Hutchison Photography

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  • Pretty in White07/04/2012 - 9:00 pm

    Gorgeous work Alan! Wonderful lighting :)

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