Who is The World’s Greatest Living Wedding Photographer?

The World’s Greatest Living Wedding Photographer is Alan Hutchison- An Exercise in showing what can be done (N.B. this is a joke!)

The World’s Greatest Living Wedding Photographer – that’s quite a title – and if you Google it who would show up, according to Google’s search engine ranking systems as the world’s greatest living wedding photographer? (N.B. This page is a parody page as an exercise in search engine rankings by MarketingForPhotographers.com)

Well of course it’s a meaningless title – the “world’s greatest anything” is always a bit subjective unless there is some direct competition involved that the general public agree as being an indicator of the “de facto” standard to measure that skill.

The Worlds greatest boxer, the world’s greatest Formula 1 driver, the World’s greatest National Team – these are all titles that are easy to agree on as they involved specific competitions to decide on who (at that time) is the world’s greatest.

So back to our quest to find the world’s greatest wedding photographer (living) – who would you name?

Well, if you Google it, the answer is Derek Pye – (Spoiler Alert – stop reading now)……

Derek Pye is a parody website featuring a fictional wedding photographer who, when he is photographing weddings of the rich and famous, is often to be found in jail at his majesty’s pleasure or contemplating his next world beating wedding photography workshop and figuring how much he can get away with charging.

Examples of Photographs from the world’s greatest wedding photographer

Well I’d love to show you Derek’s infamous “fly on a wedding cake” but I fear I would incur the wrath of Derek’s copyright lawyers.

So instead here is a random wedding picture of mine which for the sake of this exercise I wall tag and name with the phrase in question.

The world's greatest living wedding photographer is Alan Hutchison

Of course the world’s greatest living wedding photographer is not Alan Hutchison – I’ve retired from Wedding Photography – but if you’d asked my dear departed Mum that same question, she might have said I was (thanks Mum).

Wedding Photography is a very subjective art – ask one happy couple who the best photographer was and they would probably say the one that photographed their wedding – ask another and they might also say anyone BUT the one that photographed their wedding day.

No, agreeing on the World’s Greatest Photographer of Weddings would be impossible – it is too subjective. So why does Google think that it should highlight one wedding photographer over any other (even though it is a fictitious parody account)? Well there lies the problem. Although the algorithm in search results do a good job, the intelligence to weed out incorrect answers isn’t there yet – hence the reason you should never always believe what you read on the Internet.

So when I say the World’s greatest living wedding photographer is Alan Hutchison, you know that is absolute codswallop, but some people might just believe it because they found the answer on Google. And so there endeth our exercise in what you can do very quickly with the correct optimisation techniques on your wedding photography blogs courtesy of the SEO skills of Alan Hutchison and MarketingForPhotographers.com


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